Beauty & The Beast

Barry Bentley

This modern pantomime celebrates the traditions of the story as it takes inspiration from the many incarnations of the tale. There are no talking clocks, teapots, or candelabras – however, inanimate items certainly do come to life in the enchanted castle for a showstopping scene in Act 2. PIERRE is absolutely an amalgamation of Lumiere and Cogsworth with CHERRIE displaying the qualities of Mrs. Potts and Babette. This script is up-to-date, fast-paced and funny! Staging this script can be as lavish as you’re able to manage but works equally as well with limited amenities. There’s wonderment for the younger audience members and raucous gags for the big kids.  

A complete sound effects pack that accompanies this script is available to add-on to your license. Please email for more information