Bradford & Webster

Classic pantomime with some wonderful set‐piece scenes. Princess Jasmine is ‘slumming it’ in Peking market, when she meets street rat Aladdin and it is love at first sight. Unfortunately for Aladdin, he is immediately under sentence of death, for talking to the Princess and PCs 27 and 39 are soon hot on his trail. Aladdin and his dim‐witted brother, Wishee Washee, work with their mother, Widow Twanky, in her laundry. Cue some very funny action amongst the soap suds! It is also here that Aladdin first meets the evil Abanazar, who needs Aladdin’s help to retrieve a magic lamp that is hidden in a mysterious cave. After thwarting Abanazar’s plan, Aladdin is trapped in the cave and unwittingly unleashes a powerful genie, Jeanie, who was trapped in the lamp.   When Aladdin arrives at the Imperial Palace a wealthy man, his death sentence is immediately lifted, but Jasmine is not impressed by this new Aladdin, dismissing him as a rich, arrogant, over‐confident popinjay. Jasmine feels she was too hard on Aladdin and goes to the laundry to apologise. Aladdin is not there but she meets Abanazar disguised as an old lamp seller and innocently hands over Aladdin’s lamp. Now with Jeanie at his command, and with Jasmine in chains, Abanazar moves into the Imperial Palace, the first step in his plan for world domination. But, in true pantomime style, Aladdin arrives to save the day, defeat Abanazar and win back Jasmine. 

7M, 6F – three small roles plus chorus roles of villagers and courtiers