Sinbad the Sailor

Bradford & Webster

Sinbad is the world's most successful adventurer, and after a number of perilous voyages, he's dreaming of an early retirement.  However, he must complete one final adventure, or he risks losing everything.   Join him on his epic voyage to the mysterious Island of Enchantment, to search for The Jewel of Destiny. He is helped and hindered, in equal measure, by his mother and his idiot brother, Ali. Soon after setting sail, Sinbad discovers he also has a stowaway, a beautiful girl called Saffron, who does not disclose her royal connections. The voyage is hazardous, and Sinbad soon learns that he is not the only one in search of The Jewel of Destiny ‐ the evil Sorceress Ayesha will let nothing stand in her way in her desperation to own The Jewel.    Will Sinbad manage to retrieve the Jewel of Destiny from the Chasm of Despair, while fulfilling all the necessary Health and Safety requirements? Your guess is as good as ours – but you’ll have fun finding out!