Sinbad the Sailor

Peter Denyer

The various voyages of Sinbad the Sailor are contained in the Tales of The Arabian Nights. This version merges the exotic eastern adventures with traditional British pantomime! The result is an interesting take on the usual panto fare, introducing many new ideas yet retaining the best elements familiar to audiences. In typical style, Sinbad sets off to find his fortune, unaware that the evil Cassim the Corsair is trying to kill him, and steal the hand of the beautiful Princess Haidee. On the way the show charmingly encompasses spectacle, comedy and fun, with lots of audience participation. There is a traditional dame in Mrs Sinbad, and a stupid son/brother in Sillibillibad. “Sinbad” is a good alternative to the more familiar titles, or an interesting introduction to societies not wanting to plunge head first into the middle of the canon.