Sleeping Beauty

Peter Denyer

“Sleeping Beauty” may be better known as a Ballet, but thanks to recent versions of this classic tale, it has become a very popular pantomime. The story is beautiful, revolving around the curse of the evil Carabosse, slighted at the christening, and the eventual triumph of Good over Evil. The script has strong parts for women, especially the young feisty Beauty and the Black Fairy Carabosse - a truly evil villainess! Though the story covers 118 years, the narrative is linked by the Minstrel narrator, who keeps the action moving quickly. The comedy is carried by the outrageous Nanny Fanny Cranny, and Pickles the Page. There is both knock-about and verbal humour, loads of audience participation, and several set piece routines including a battle between Beauty’s toys and Carabosse, the toys protecting Beauty as she sleeps.