Treasure Island

Bradford & Webster

A high‐octane pantomime based on the classic pirate adventure. At the Admiral Benbow Inn, our hero, Jim Hawkins, and his mother, Ma Hawkins, find Captain Flint’s treasure map in old Billy Bones’s trunk. The famed pirate and renowned baddie Long John Silver is also after the map and, with the dimwitted Brass and Knuckles and the rest of his cutthroat band, lays siege to the inn. Jim and Ma escape Silver’s clutches and, with the help of Squire Trelawney and his lovely daughter, Felicity, set sail to seek their fortune.   The ship’s cook, however, is oddly familiar, having one leg and an over‐sized, sarcastic parrot. As our heroes reach the island, the pirates reveal themselves and kidnap Felicity to force Jim to hand over the map. The race across the island to find the treasure ends with Jim and Silver ‘buckling some swash’ until the pirate is finally dispatched to Davy Jones’s Locker. The treasure chest is opened … but it is empty! Robinson Crusoe, who has been living on the island with his Girl Friday, and his Girls Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, desperately trying not to be rescued, has spent the treasure turning the island into a casino and nightspot. Cue big cabaret ending!