Rapunzel the Pantomime

Katie Skeffington

Since being cursed by the wicked witch Gothel as a young child, Princess Rapunzel is unable to laugh or feel happiness. Her Father, the King, employs jesters, wizards and even a dancing horse to try to make her laugh again, but to no avail. When Rapunzel falls deeply in love with Tom, a local boy with no money, their only hope of being allowed to marry is if Tom can make Rapunzel laugh. However, it soon becomes clear that this is the least of their worries  as  Gothel puts into action her plan to destroy the whole Kingdom. Can Tom rescue the kidnapped Rapunzel from her tower? Can they thwart Gothel’s evil plan to destroy everything they know? And is there a way to break the curse and make Rapunzel laugh?

This pantomime is loosely based around two of the Grimm Brother’s Fairy Tales; ‘Rapunzel’, and the lesser known story ‘The Golden Goose’, in which a King offers his daughter’s hand in marriage to the first person who can make her laugh.