Ali Baba

Colin Barrow

Ali Baba (2019) by Colin Barrow

According to Mammy Baba, “Ali Baba is a lazy good for nothing ragamuffin.” This also seems to imply with her other two sons, Bacardi Baba and Crusty Baba. To add to Mammy’s misery, Crusty has successfully blown up the bakery with the gunpowder that Bacardi was keeping dry! In the meantime, the Sultan is at his wits end because of the rife thieving that plagues the City of Bagdad. The leader of this gang is none other than Mustafascrewloose and his forty thieves. The Sultan proclaims that the man who topples this villain, will have Princess Nadia as his wife. Also, a handsome reward has been doubled! Mammy takes charge and intends to claim the reward and for her son Ali Baba to marry the Princess. As luck would have it, Ali Baba is friends with Mustafslap and Mustaftickle, two of Mustafscrewloose’s thieves. Through these friends, Ali becomes a thief in disguise and a plan develops to get rid of Mustafascrewloose and for Ali to become leader of the forty thieves. The genie which Ali has released from a bottle, helps not only to find a hidden ancient treasure cave, but the means to rid Mustafascrewloose forever. The forty thieves are seen in a comedy way (if you have little or no chorus) before Mustafascrewloose becomes no more. Ali Baba gets his girl with the help of a magical love potion supplied by the Genie, and Mammy gets her man with the same potion - but which man? And as for Ali Baba and the forty thieves? They turn over a new leaf and become do-gooders of mankind, although still known locally as the forty thieves led by Prince Ali Baba!