Humpty Dumpty

Stephen Duckham

Twenty years before the story starts, a wicked Sorcerer tried to usurp the good King Cole of Eggshellia and claim the throne for himself. Fortunately, he was unsuccessful and was banished, but before he left he uttered a curse that the Kingdom would be drained of sunlight and happiness. The Court Magician at the time managed to suspend the curse and trap it in a giant egg. The egg sits on the wall of the palace and as long as it remains intact, Eggshellia is safe. Every year the egg is celebrated by everyone. Humpty Dumpty is guardian of the egg together with Sergeant Lock and Private Bolt, the King’s men. Mother Hubbard, who runs the royal bakery, and her assistant Tommy Tucker are preparing all the food and the populace is ready for the party. Just as the festivities get underway, Madam Miniver makes her entrance with her servant, Snivel. Who are they and why have they arrived at that moment? And what is her link with the banished Sorcerer? Is the ‘egg’ about to fall and release the curse? All is revealed in this new and original story based around the age old rhyme.