Hansel & Gretel

Helen Gard

This pantomime is based on the traditional fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel by The Brothers Grimm.

Walter Melon has been bereaved and taken Beatrice (Bea) Sting as his new wife and to be step mother to his children, Hansel and Gretel. This causes Fanny Fawcett’s (the dame) to be very sad as she has always loved Walter and done everything for him since his late wife died.

Witch Belladonna Nightshade, loves children but she can’t eat a whole one all at once! She casts a spell on Walter so that he falls for Bea Sting who she manipulates to ensure that they send the children deep into the woods. They are then unable to find their way home. She lures the children into her house, made of sweets, and tries to fatten them up in order to eat them!

Fairy Willow Wonder-Wand comes to the rescue with the help of her 3 little fairies, plus Hatchet and Coppit, the duo, comedy characters, and the audience.

This is a fun pantomime with lots of laughs and also has some lessons for the children about ‘Stranger Danger.’

There is a lot of audience participation through songs, heckling and invitation to come up on stage.

There are 9 main, adult characters, plus 3 children as fairies and 3 villagers who all have some lines.

The chorus can have as many people (adults or children- M or F) as you wish.