Red Riding Hood

Stephen Duckham

The village of Fermley on the Fiddle is in a state of shock. A new railway line (or by-pass) is being planned that will cut through the village. Roberta Hood (Red) runs a small guest house and is worried that her business will suffer. Other members of the village such as Peter the woodsman, Bo Peep and Lionel Lupin are also against the plan. Opposite Red’s place is the Village Hall run by ex-entertainer Florence Farquharson (Aunt Flo) and her nephew, Timmy. There, a surprise birthday party for Red is being arranged. We learn that right in the path of the new route are the houses of the Three Little Pigs. They have refused to leave their homes, so the evil Baroness de Brexit (who is behind the new scheme) descends on the village to use her magic and have them destroyed. Changing the meek and mild Lionel Lupin into a wolf, the Baroness commands him to perform the task. When this fails she turns her attention to an alternative route – one that runs straight through Granny Hood’s cottage. Red, who has received a birthday present of a new cape and hood, is on her way to visit Granny; so the race is on to get to the cottage and save them both from the wolf and put paid to the Baronesses plan once and for all.

Characters: Roberta Hood (Red), Peter the Woodsman, Florence Farquharson (Aunt Flo), Lionel Lupin, Tongue-tied Timmy, Bo Peep, PC Billy, Baroness de Brexit, Dull, Pinky, Perky, Porky, Granny Hood. Chorus of Villagers

Scenes: The Village of Fermley on the Fiddle, The Edge of the Village, The Village Hall, The houses of the Three Little Pigs, The Gnarled Forest, Granny Hood’s Cottage. Front cloth scene can be played on tabs.