King Arthur

Rob Fearn & Leo Appleton

It is such a great story with characters straight out of the fables of old that everyone is familiar with, either through books or those well-known cinematic cartoons from childhood. We have the ubiquitous wizard Merlin and our hero Arthur Sixpence exchanging words and blows with Morgan Le Fey and her son Mordred, as well as some well imagined others to flesh out this fun, but exciting show.

Arthur our hero helps his mother the Dame (Mrs Sixpence) in her bakery and is aided and abetted by his friend Prancelot. Arthur is taken under the wing of the famed magician Merlon who trains him to be king, but it’s not just as simple as that. He has to solve three riddles, with the aid of the audience (and occasionally Prancelot) which have been set by the Lady of the Lake, before he can take the sword from the stone. But in the end to be king he has to fight a duel with his arch nemesis Mordred who may (or may not be) the son of the old king, all while trying to impress the love of his life Lady Guinevere who just wants to give him a kiss. Of course it all works out in the end. Arthur solves the riddles, has an exciting sword fight with Mordred where to win he actually has to pull the sword from the stone and finally gets his girl. Merlin hits it off with Mrs Sixpence and bests Morgan le Fey in a duel of words….. and Prancelot expresses he is not happy with his name so, King Arthur knights him, at the same time re naming him Lancelot. OOooooOOO! 

As well as this, the villagers have to put up with the Stone containing the fabled sword, Excalibur, as it gets very cheeky with those who try to remove it, sounding very like Mick Jagger.