Colin Barrow

Baron De Broke would like Cinderella, Slap and Tickle all to find a husband each and settle down in life. But with Slap and Tickle ruling the roost, Cinderella is down trodden and unlikely to find any one except Buttons, but he is not what she is looking for. Prince Charming and Dandini for fun decide to swap places as the story expects. With Dandini now being the Prince,is informed of a girl called Cinderella, the Prince, now as Dandini, is informed of two other sisters of Cinderella and goes in pursuit hoping they are also such beautiful women,but he finds with horror they are not! And so the invites to the ball go out and the Fairy enables Cinderella to attend in style. But before she arrives to the ball, Slap and Tickle squabble to dance with the Prince who of course is Dandini. Septic, an up market female tramp doesn’t get a look in and has to dance with Dandini and little does she and everyone know he is actually the Prince. Then Cinderella arrives as the Princess Lavinia. The clock strikes twelve and Cinderella leaves so hurriedly that only her shoe is left behind. In search of it’s owner, not only does Slap and Tickle try to claim to be the owner of the shoe, but also Septic, after all, she did dance with the real Prince where as Slap and Tickle didn’t. But, it rightful owner is found and Cinderella has found her Prince. As for Slap and Tickle, they make do in romance with Horace and Cuthbert, two rather posh tramps.