Dick Turpin

Colin Barrow

Lady Ffour Ply and her daughter, Cushel, have been held up on the road to York by Dick Turpin. Cushel, principal girl, did a runner as soon as she heard, ‘stand and deliver’ and bumped into Peter Piper, principal boy. Lady Ffour Ply was left to surrender her money and jewels, one being a very valuable ring and an old family heirloom. Not giving up, she booked into the local Tavern, The Diddlers Arms, which is owned by Molly Dunnit, dame, and her brother, Bert Dunnit. Sir Justice Rules becomes pro-active to catch Dick Turpin and summons the help of Nicker and Plodder, two policemen from London. They are not quite what he was expecting! Dick Turpin takes on two apprentices, Snip and Snap, who like the two policemen are not quite what is expected. The story concludes at the Manor owned by Rufus Dastardly, who is a villain and Dick Turpin’s Master. They get their comeuppance and the valuable ring returns to the hands of Lady Ffour Ply, before she gives it to her daughter as engagement ring to continue its long journey in the family.