Jack & The Beanstalk

Colin Barrow

Dame Daphne Buttock is faced with eviction from not paying her rent and is forced to sell her cow, Daisy, to raise funds to pay the brokers men Rack and Ruin. Whilst Daisy is taken by Jack to the local fair to be sold, Daphne and Simple Simon have a cunning way of making the stupid brokers men believe they have been paid the rent, but haven’t. Hemlock, the Giants sidekick, buys Daisy and persuades Princess Jillian to accompany him. But little does she know her journey will end at the Giants castle! Whilst Jack is pleased with his bag of gold, the elation is soon squashed when the gold has turned to beans. One of which grows into the mighty beanstalk. The King, as if his troubles were not enough with Dame Daphne Buttock, is now worried over his daughter’s safety. They climb high into the clouds to save Princess Jillian and Daisy where the Giant is finally defeated. All with the help of the Fairy giving Jack a magic sword. A spell is cast over Hemlock, who becomes a servant to Jack. Jack is given permission to marry the Princess and the King and Dame Buttock decide life together might not always be bliss but will be interesting!