Mother Goose

Colin Barrow

Mother Goose is owing rent to the Baroness and facing eviction. She has seven sons, with the seventh son, Jack (principle boy), being special as his father was also a seventh son. Jack and Faith (principle girl), team up early in the pantomime but not with the blessing of the Baroness, Faiths mother. The Queen of Gooseland sends Mother Goose a gosling via the Snow Princess to bring them wealth by laying Golden eggs when the gosling becomes adult. When Juliana (the gosling) has grown up, she suddenly begins to lay Golden eggs of various sizes. The eggs are only to be used for good deeds and worthy causes and not for vain or immoral purposes. Suddenly Mother Goose can pay her rent and decides to treat everyone to a holiday to Austria. But with this wealth, she soon forgets the rules and decides to visit the fountain of youth and use a golden egg in payment for her vanity. The eggs turn from gold to normal and Juliana goes back to Gooseland. The Snow Princess tells Jack, that the only way to sort out the problem is to go to Gooseland and see the Queen. They all make the journey, and in true pantomime style, the situation is resolved. Which allows Jack and Faith to be married when they all return home via the Golden Goose chariot and live happy ever after at Dire Straights Village.