Puss in Boots

Colin Barrow

Dame Miller has three sons, Miffin, Muffin and Dick (Richard) who is principle boy. She is a widow and her husband has left the flour mill to Miffin, Horace (donkey or horse) to Muffin, and they decide to go into business together. Which leaves Dick being left with Spangles the cat and no work. On leaving the village, Dick and Spangles encounter a fairy which gives a magical saucer of milk to Spangles. This not only allows Spangles to speak but also to becomes the hero as, Puss in Boots. The Ogre, who lives in the castle has in the past run riot, but he is still not satisfied. So he takes the crops, which means there is no flour to mill and captures Princess Emily, the Kings daughter. Marigold Glove is housekeeper to the Ogre and causes havoc at everything she does. The Ogre puts up with her as no one else will put up with him! The time comes when the Ogre has to be dealt with and to save the Princess from his clutches. Puss in Boots with the help of the Fairy does just that! Which leaves a lot of happiness and romance to close the story. Dame Miller is going to marry the King, but more importantly, Dick will marry the Princess and will live in the Castle with Spangles and live happy ever after.