Sinbad the Sailor

Colin Barrow

This pantomime will entertain the audience well, watching and participating with their journey with Sinbad. Yasmin, mother of Sinbad, who teams up with her other son, Tinbad, and delivers the usual comedy antics as expected. The Sultan finds Yasmin just the woman he wants in his life although he’s a little reluctant, and quite freely tempts her with his offers of affection. He gives her a gift of Sage and Onion, a comedy duo which keeps the pantomime alive with their stupidity. Sinbad and the Princess Amber are in love and wish to marry, but when Sinbad asks the Sultan for her hand, it all goes temporarily awry. Sinbad has obtained a map of the never found and mysterious land of Cosmos, the land of make believe. This is where the Valley of Rocks holds treasure beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Wanting to take this last and final voyage, the Sultan forbids the marriage. Having set sail, found the mysterious lands and encountered the villain, Maccabee, Sinbad returns a very wealthy man with riches untold. In true pantomime tradition, Sinbad and the Princess are to be married after his return, that’s after some persuasion from Yasmin who had words with the Sultan and then announces their marriage. Finally leaving Tinbad who, having sold his tailoring shop, has decided to marry Tabitha, who claims she’s a belly dancer!!!