Sleeping Beauty

Colin Barrow

The King and Queen are expecting their first child and the King has found it all a trial with phantom pregnancy feelings and the labour pains! However, for the Queen it’s all in a day’s work. They are blessed with a baby girl and they call her Princess Jessica. But in time, when she is nearing her eighteenth birthday, she becomes known as Beauty. However, at the christening, invitations have gone out for the good fairies to attend and be God mothers, but not to Fairy Valium, who is the local stinky Villain with an evil streak. So, at the christening, Valium casts a spell that when the Princess reaches the age of eighteen, she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. But it is fortunate that Fairy Moonbeam, the Queen of the fairies, softens this spell and allows the Princess to sleep for a hundred years and not die. This all happens and as predicted, and Sleeping Beauty is awoken by Prince George with a kiss. However, just when things all seem fine and life is bliss, Fairy Valium returns and takes the Princess with her to the quarry with a plan to kill her! All go to the quarry to stop this evil deed, but it’s the apprentice fairies that save the day and Valium repents her evil ways and is welcome to fairyland by The Queen of the fairies, Fairy Moonbeam. Needless to say, they all live happy ever after including that of Daisy (Dame) and Lord Chamberlain who decide to get married too!