Treasure Island

Colin Barrow

The Saucy Sue, a pirate ship - which has Captain Castor Oilus as the villain, sets sail to the Island of Hibiscus, which is Treasure Island. He has a motley crew of which have their moments of comedy. On board, Roberta, (principle girl) is a stow-away on the wrong ship. In order not to be discovered, she disguises herself as a pirate, known as Bob. Meanwhile on the Island, life goes on, as it always has for many a year. With Ambrosia (dame) and her husband, Mixemetosis (a Witch Doctor) living the usual chaotic life with their son, Tom, (principal boy). After a storm at sea, The Saucy Sue, becomes broken into pieces and is washed up onto a beach with the pirates. Fortunately for the pirates, it’s the Island of Hibiscus, the Island they went in search to find the hidden treasure. Also washed up onto a beach, a bottle. The bottles label clearly states VAT 69, but inside is a Genie. Once released by Leila (an island female resident) romance blossoms between the two. VAT 69, is not your usual Genie with only three wishes, he has unlimited wishes and a magic which he can use as and when needed. So, Bob is discovered to be a girl, whose name is Roberta, and in true traditional pantomime boy meets girl and falls in love. The Pirates wheedle out of Ambrosia where the hidden treasure is. However, Vat 69 has intervened and the treasure has been re-hidden, and in its place, false worthless treasure has been planted for the pirates to take. Vat 69 has also by magic rebuilt their ship, The Saucy Sue. However once sailed far, far away from the Island with the worthless treasure, the ship falls apart. And all on the Island live happy ever after, with the real treasure safe and secure!