Babes in the Wood

Colin Barrow

The Babes, Peter and Polly are now orphans and have to be cared for by Nursie (Dame) until they are old enough to inherit the Castle, money and estate left to them by their father and mother. Their uncle - the Sheriff - who is poor, has a plan that if they disappear for good, as next of kin, he will inherit all instead. For this, he engages Bangers and Mash to do the dirty work, who are two silly henchmen. A clever plan to take the Babes on an adventure into the deep, deep woods happens, that causes a search for their safe return. In the meantime, Robin Hood is desperate to get his hands on the documents that prove his birthright and a pardon from the King that is being kept by the Sheriff. Finally, Fairy Bluebell keeps the Babes safe, the missing documents are found with Raffles, the Sheriffs side kick. And they all live happy ever after in true pantomime style