Colin Barrow

Aladdin has seen the girl of his dreams, Princess Pekoe, but to gain her hand in marriage he must have wealth, and a lot of it. Working in his mother's laundry is not what he feels he was put on this earth to do. Widow Twankey, Aladdin's mother wishes that instead of Aladdin dreaming and fantasising of what could be, he'd be more useful helping her wash Peking's dirty laundry. Abanazar, Aladdin's uncle, who has not seen Aladdin since a babe in arms, returns to entice his nephew into entering a cave for the magic lamp. But when Aladdin reaches the third and final chamber of the cave, there is not one lamp, but two! An old dirty lamp and a sparkling clean lamp, not knowing which to choose, Abanazar instructs that it must be the sparkling clean lamp that holds the power and not some dirty old bit of junk. How wrong he is, for the gleaming lamp holds none other than, Turkish Delight a comic apprentice Genie much to the disappointment and anger of Abanazar. The Vizier, who is side kick to Abanazar, and not as loyal as he ought to be with the Emperor, helps to get the lamps swapped, the new lamp for old! In the meantime, the Emperor, now a widower, and Widow Twankey rekindle their love for each other from the days of their youth. A comedy duo, Cheap and Cheerful, arrive in Peking and soon find themselves working in Twankey's laundry but more importantly, they become a distraction to swap the old lamp for a dud. Bheehi, the most powerful Genie in true pantomime style, thwarts evil and wrongdoings and returns the city of Peking back to be a city of love and harmony. And we hope everyone lives happy ever after.