Arabian Adventure

Colin Barrow

Marge and Flora have a one-way travel ticket and a two-man tent in the hope to find two rich Sheiks and live in luxury. However, things go slightly awry when camping beside the Oasis and the sand getting everywhere, there are no rich Sheiks and just a neighbouring gang, The Scorpions, led by Mustafa Bhaji. The Sultan of El Jaffacake is said to have a vault of wealth in the Palace and Mustafa Bhaji and his gang have ideas to help themselves to some of it. But they didn’t bank on Sapphire, a belly dancer, who joined their gang but is also working for the Sultan too as an informant. Baked Bean, the Genie, gets kicked up from the sand and joins forces with Sapphire to help the Sultan thwart the Scorpions. Mustafa Bhaji has plans to break into the vault, but Baked Bean uses one of his three wishes to remove the wealth from harm. Mustafa Bhaji and his gang then capture Princess Jasmine to hold as ransom. But with a cunning plan devised by the Genie and helped by Sapphire with a questionable troupe of belly dancers. Once again Mustafa Bhaji is beaten with Baked Bean casting his final wish turning the Scorpions from rogue baddies to delicate lovies! Low and behold a life of great happiness and love falls on the citizens of El Jaffacake, or so we are told!