Goody Two Shoes

Colin Barrow

The story is set at the City of Crooked Corner where mayhem is given by Cissy Upham-McCracken (dame) and her children, Hitt, Miss and Boy Blue. However, the City of Crooked Corner has for two years gone into poverty with its borders closed by the King as Baron Buzzbuttock refuses to pay the hike in taxes. Everyone although quite self-sufficient in food, water, etc. Clothing and other merchandise is no longer available. The shoemaker’s shop has been empty for some time until, Rufus, a new shoemaker suddenly makes an appearance to take over the shop. This is when things begin to go awry as many years before Rufus’s parents were evicted for sorcery and witchcraft and now with their inherited powers, he has returned to take revenge on everyone, including Goody, the Barons daughter. Through making shoes possessed with a spells and curses, he delivers his power to all, especially those dancing shoes for Goody. Prince Michael, the Kings heir, has been sent to iron out the disagreement and smooth the waters so all can return as it used to be. And in true pantomime tradition he meets his Princess, Goody. A gypsy gives Prince Michael a few drops of water from the sacred well of Victory to thwart this demon shoemaker and for him to live happy ever after with his Princess Goody Two Shoes - a girl that loves to dance!