Red Riding Hood

Colin Barrow

This pantomime tells the story of Red Riding Hood celebrating her eighteenth birthday. Having been given a red hooded cape by Mary, Prince Colin by Royal decree has decided that instead of using her name, Lucy, she will be called Red Riding Hood. By coincidence the May Day fair also falls on Red Riding Hood’s birthday, and she is crowned the Queen of May. In the meantime, Dolly Shufflebucket has rent problems and her son, Simple Simon, doesn’t help the situation. Baron Oompah tries to be heavy handed with Dolly as he has employed Chiff and Chaff as his henchmen. Things all go awry and through a little con trick, Dolly has paid her rent without parting with any money. Whilst all this normal village life is going on, the Demon wolf, Charley is stalking about. He is a master of disguise and throughout changes his image from being a shoemaker, Lady Flippit, an old crippled woman, through all of which you can still see it’s Charley, as well as being himself! Fairy Diamonte has the solution and has charged Red Riding Hood’s cloak with a protective power, but only when she is wearing it. To slay the demon Wolf Fairy Diamonte, instructs that the magic Golden Axe is to be found as one blow with it will destroy Charley the Wolf forever! And so, Prince Colin sends Jasper the woodcutter on a quest to find this Golden Axe so the deed can be done. Will all be resolved? One thing is for certain, boy meets girl and a life of happy ever after ensues.