Santa Claus

Colin Barrow

Christmas eve is approaching in Santaland and all are busy in preparation for Santa’s night time deliveries. But Deadly Nightshade and her sidekick Burdock have plans to ruin Christmas. She has already taken her vengeance on Prince Jack and turned him into Jack Frost, and Sergeant Knocker has become Frosty the snowman. Then, by casting a spell, all the Christmas trees disappear and there is warmth to melt all the snow and ice. With her actions, things are beginning to look grim for the festive period. Especially for Jack Frost and Frosty who worry at melting in the warming temperatures. To the rescue come the fairies, Goody Gumdrop and Matilda, who with their magic bubbles return Jack and Frosty to normal. But this makes Deadly Nightshade more determined to ruin Christmas and cast a spell onto Santa which makes him disappear! But in true panto tradition, good overcomes bad, Santa is found and he delivers to all the boys and girls as normal on Christmas eve while the snow returns as so do all the Christmas trees.