Snow White and The Seven

Bradford & Webster

An evil queen, a magic mirror, a child who grows up to surpass all in her beauty, this is the story of Snow White. But that's not everything.

To help Princess Snow on her journey, she has her best friend Joey the (trainee) Jester and her nanny Flossie Underbucket (who happens to be Joey's mum). And the good fairy Aurelia.

On the side of evil, we have Queen Zarelda, who uses her dark magic to give her mirror a body so she always has it close by to satisfy her extreme vanity. And she summons up a horde of tiny demons to do her bidding.

When Snow has to run from Zarelda, she finds sanctuary with The Seven, who vow to protect her. But who are the mysterious The Seven living in a cottage in the middle of the forest? Surely you remember? It was reality TV at its finest. Seven ordinary children brought together to form the greatest pop band of all time. And now, half a generation later, they've still got the moves.

When Zarelda locks up The Seven in her dungeons, it's Snow White who comes to their rescue. But it's a trap! And Snow succumbs to the oldest trick in the book: a poisoned apple.

But fear not. After the mirror realises beauty is on the inside, and fair Prince Fahran delivers true love's kiss, Zarelda's evil is finally defeated by love and friendship.