Beauty & The Beast

Bradford & Webster

A dramatic pantomime full of colourful characters. Belle lives in the village of Petit Pois with her mean older sisters, Chardonnay and Lambrini. Their impoverished mother, Madame Dolores Lilly Chantilly Tres Jolie (or Dolly Jolly), is keen to marry them off to rich husbands.   The vain and egotistical Jean‐Claude and the spoiled but good‐natured Prince Louis both have their eye on Belle.

Chardonnay and Lambrini want Jean‐Claude for themselves and continually try to outdo each other, to get him to notice them. Meanwhile, the evil Countess Cruella is obsessed with Prince Louis and, in a jealous rage, she turns him into a hideous beast.   The girls’ Papa, lost in the mountains, is imprisoned by the angry Beast.  

Papa’s horse, Gigi, then leads Belle to the Beast’s castle, where Belle offers to take her father’s place in the Beast’s dungeon. Belle’s kindness calms the Beast’s anger and he falls in love with her. Meanwhile, encouraged by Cruella, Jean‐Claude rallies a mob to storm the castle and kill the Beast.

In the final confrontation, the Beast appears mortally wounded. Jean‐Claude believes he has proved himself worthy and that Belle will love him.   Belle, however, realises she loves the Beast, and her kiss magically transforms him back into Prince Louis. 6M, 5F principal roles ‐ plus 8 small roles (covering one or two scenes) pantomime horse (two people) and roles for chorus and dancers.