Alice in Wonderland

Helen Gard

Based upon the original book by C S Lewis, this story lends itself so well to panto as it has many comical and crazy characters.

There are many jokes, funny scenarios, opportunities for audience interaction/participation, songs, madness and mayhem in this different take on the traditional story of Alice in Wonderland…

Alice and Henrietta are sisters. Their mother has died and William, (their father) has become engaged to Mona Lott, (The Baddie) who is really only after his money.

Nanny Nellie (The Dame) has always looked after the girls and is in love with William. Neither she nor the girls are happy about Mona becoming William’s wife.

Alice and Henrietta go to the river bank to get away from Mona and Alice falls asleep reading a book. She wakes to find the White rabbit who is in a great hurry to get to the Queen, as she will be very angry if he is late….

True to the original story, Alice follows the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and finds herself in Wonderland. Here she meets Mouse, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, Dormouse, Duchess, Cook, Cheshire cat, The King and Queen of Hearts and several other colourful characters.

William, Mona and Nanny Nellie all appear to Alice whilst in Wonderland, as in her dream, they have assumed the roles of The King, (her father) The Queen of Hearts (still the Baddie) and The lady In Waiting (The Dame).

When Alice awakes, she finds herself back home and her wishes have come true…Mona has gone and Nanny Nellie is to marry William, her father …Through the power of magic and with the help of the audience, all the Wonderland characters come to the wedding for the finale and in true panto style they all live happily ever after.

There is plenty of scope for additional cast or for doubling up of the chorus parts in order to suit a reduced cast.

The sets are few and simple and can often be adapted from a previous set through lighting, sound and/or by adding or removing props.

If necessary, it would be easy to produce this show in a limited space and with limited resources. Unusual costumes offer the opportunity to add both colour and impact. The suggested songs (which you don’t have to use) bring the production into the modern realm.