Mother Goose

Helen Gard

Since the demise of her husband, poor Mother Goose and her children, Silly Billy and Idle Ida have fallen on hard times. To make matters worse, the local Landlord, Squire Potts, is threatening eviction for non payment of their rent.

Billy must look for work but there seems to be none available. Just as he is giving up hope, a strange old woman gives him a magic goose that lays golden eggs. How ‘egg’straordinary!

Will this solve their problems? They can now sell the eggs and pay the mean squire but… unfortunately dastardly, Demon Discord has other plans!

Fairies Light and Bright try to come to the rescue but will they succeed?

Will good overcome evil in the end?

Oh and by the way, there are many ‘egg’ words used throughout this panto. Listen closely and count how many you hear…it should be an ‘egg’citing journey especially when shared with an ‘egg’ceptional audience like yourselves.

The are 12 major adult parts, 8 children’s speaking parts as Little Fairies or Little Devils  but up to 30 speaking parts in total with Nursery rhyme characters (many can be combined if not enough cast)