The Princess & the Pea

Colin Barrow

The King and Queen of Tendrils Tickle are becoming concerned that their son, Prince Mangetout, must marry before he is twenty-five and time is running out! By tradition the crown must go to the next married male relative of the King, who is Lord Fusarium Wilt, the Kings cousin, and the villain. So now at this eleventh hour, the prince sets a challenge. ‘Any Princess who will endure an uncomfortable nights sleep with a pea under the mattress; and in the morning present the said pea to him will be his bride within the month!’ Princesses come and go until Princess Flowerday arrives, does the challenge, and wins. But Lord Fusarium Wilt captures and takes her to the dungeons until after the Prince is twenty five years old. The replacement for the Princess is, Lady Mildew, the Lord’s wife, and hopes that no one notices. But they do, a search commences, and all is resolved. The Fairy casts her magic and gives both Lord Fusarium Wilt and Lady Mildew their comeuppances. Then finally, she turns the pea held by the Princess into a large glittering Emerald ring for her to wear for always.