Amanda Craib

A fun and modern version of the classic pantomime Cinderella. Baron Hardup returns from his travels with a new wife and a mother for Cinderella in the form of Madame Boursin and she brings her two daughters, our Dames, Gorgonzola and Feta. In hot pursuit are two undercover police officers, Target and Fritz, hoping to catch Madame Boursin trying to steal any money that Baron Hardup may have. However, there’s the distraction of a Royal Ball which the ugly sisters try to stop Cinderella from attending but with Buttons and the Fairy Godmother trying to help her will Cinderella meet her Prince Charming? This version of Cinderella is full of laughs and songs that will have the audience cheering along and trying to help Cinderella and the Prince find their happy ever after. The story is heart-warming and will leave everyone believing in Christmas magic.