Dick Whittington

Bradford & Webster

A vibrant pantomime, full of colourful comedy characters. As young Dick arrives in London to seek his fortune, King Rat vows to ruin this pure and honest boy, to prove to Fairy Bow Belle that evil always triumphs over good. Dick becomes apprentice to Alderman Fitzwarren, working with Sarah, the cook, and her lazy son, Idle Jack, and he falls in love with the Alderman’s delightful daughter, Alice. King Rat, with the help of his dim‐witted henchmen, Rot and Stench, tries to tempt Dick off the straight and narrow, but is seen off at every turn by Dick’s cat, Tom. Dick’s shiny image is tarnished, when King Rat frames him for breaking into the Alderman’s safe. And Dick, sent away in disgrace, runs away to sea.   When his friends realise he was innocent after all, they set off after him aboard the ‘Everything’s A Groat’. Angry that Dick’s reputation is restored, King Rat conjures up a storm to sink the ship and our heroes are washed up on the shores of a far‐off land ruled by Queen Megabazooma, a land suffering a plague of rats. With the help of Tom, Dick defeats King Rat to set up a colourful, South American carnival‐style finale

7M, 5F plus Tom the cat, chorus roles of Londoners, sailors and courtiers