Pied Piper of Hamelin

Stephen Duckham

The city of Hamelin is overrun with rats. They are causing havoc and their master, the Rodent Lord, is waiting for the opportunity to take over. He already has the Burgomaster in his power and will stop at nothing to achieve his aim. Frieda Von Froth and her son Willy run the local Beer Garden and are fed up with the rats eating everything they find. Lorelei, the good White Witch of the mountain, informs the mysterious Pied Piper of the problem. He enters the town and tells the people that he can rid Hamelin of the rats by playing a special

tune on his pipe – for a fee of 1.000 guilders. Karl, the town council’s book-keeper, and Liesl, the Burgomaster’s daughter, try to persuade the Burgomaster to accept the offer and reluctantly he does so. The Piper fulfils his promise, but the Burgomaster fails to pay him what he is owed. At the celebrations in Frieda’s Inn – where Willy is constantly fighting off the amorous advantage of the waitress Gretchen – the Piper plays another tune and all the children of the town follow him to the magical Koppelberg Mountain. Once the townspeople see what has happened they berate the Burgomaster for reneging on the deal and it is left to Karl to persuade the Piper to return the children. The Rodent Lord attempts to take control of the city and once again it is Karl and the Piper who save the day.