The Prince's Quest

Bradford & Webster

A fable told in traditional pantomime style, brimming with comedy, slapstick and colourful set‐piece scenes. Brave young Prince Andreas is on a quest to find his father. But, when he arrives in the kingdom of Verdentia, he is called upon to help defeat the evil sorcerer Lord Elbirret. Here, Andreas also meets Fairy Ethel, a very keen, but not very successful Good Fairy, who always turns up late! At the Royal Palace, the rich, pompous Prince Dimitri, has arrived to lay suit to Verdentia’s beautiful Princess Francesca. Elbirret’s idiotic henchmen, Badd and Wurse, are sent to kidnap the Princess, but instead, they mistakenly kidnap her handmaiden, Rosa. Rosa is the daughter of Dame Batterspoon, the palace cook, she is also Princess Francesca’s best friend. The bickering princes, Andreas and Dimitri, set off to rescue Rosa. Fairy Ethel decides to “help”, but her hopeless spells send them too far west, to hillbilly country, then too far east, to a Sultan’s palace. Unfortunately, the princes are captured by Elbirret, and thrown into his dungeon, where Rosa is also being held captive. Cue Dame Batterspoon, Princess Francesca and Fairy Ethel to heroically save the day! And in a traditionally happy ending, Elbirret is finally defeated, both princes find true love, and Andreas finds his father, thus fulfilling his quest.

7M, 5F plus small speaking roles, many roles can be doubled or played by chorus members