Robin Hood

Bradford & Webster

A little different from the traditional pantomime titles, but with more than its fair share of mayhem and merriment!    

Follow the legendary Robin Hood, as he battles the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, to free the land from tyranny.  Robin is aided by his merry men: Little John, Friar Tuck, Alan a Dale, Much et al. 

The evil Sheriff is hindered by his hilariously idiotic henchmen, Nickit and Scarper, and his malcontent Soothsayer, who fails miserably in her attempts to foretell the future in her crystal ball.   

Both Robin and the Sheriff are distracted by the beauty of Maid Marian, whose nanny, Nora Tittle Tattle, adds another level of nonsense to this highly entertaining pantomime.  

The “School Room” and the “Sheriff’s Dream” scenes are hilarious, and the “Nottingham's Got Talent” climax is a fabulous finale!