Snow Queen

Colin Barrow

The Snow Queen wants a boy for her own to make him a Prince. With the help of Snarly Really, a Witch type character, the shattering of a hand mirror sends a splinter into Hanky’s eye turning him from a good boy to a naughty one. This in turn, gives opportunity for Jack Frost and Snarly to lure him to the Land of Ice for the Snow Queen to make him her own. In the meantime, mayhem continues with Dame Daisy Picking, accompanied with Willie Wonthe, who is supposed to be a handyman; and Black and Decker, two self-unemployed detectives that detect, or not! Fairy Snowflake conjures up Prince Michael to visit and save the day, where he and Olga by coincidence fall in love. The final showdown comes when they have travelled to the Land of Ice and find the Ice Palace. Fairy Snowflake dispenses with the Snow Queen and Jack Frost by melting them, whilst Prince Michael wins a fight with Snarly Really. Hanky is reunited with his sister Panky and all return home to Pickle Town.